Panama, Panama City Mission

Panama, Panama City Mission
Panama, Panama City Mission

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Goodbyes are Never Easy!

Ty said good-bye over the last few days to some wonderful family and friends. It hasn't been an easy last few days, but we know he is where he needs to be. He is going to be an amazing missionary!
Tyler with his cousin Tiffany
Tyler with his Aunt Maria
Tyler with his Uncle Eric
Tyler with Bishop Christenson
Tyler with his baseball brothers...Derek Pharis, Chris Leal, and Brian Halopoff
Tyler with Brandon Spann... Brandon was the All-Star Pitcher for Monache this year and Tyler was his catcher!
Ty with Bryson Pharis and Brandt Martinez....More Baseball Brothers
Tyler with Allison Pharis and Ania Crabtree...Good High School Friends!
Ty with Charlie Cuevas...Close friends since Junior High School!
Tyler with Frank and Debi Hayes...The best neighbors in the world. They are family to us!

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