Panama, Panama City Mission

Panama, Panama City Mission
Panama, Panama City Mission

Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Trip to the Mexico City Temple and goofy Elder pictures - Week 3

¡Hola Familia!

Sorry it's a later email today! This morning at 8:15 my time, we met in front of the cafeteria and loaded onto the bus! We drove through Mexico City and arrived at the temple. They are doing renovations so we weren´t able to go inside, but I got plenty of awesome pictures. This week was pretty good! There are points in the day where I think, dang, 2 years is a really long time! I don´t know if I can do this. I read my patriarichal blessing and it makes me feel so much better! I know I'm going to do well in Panama. I am progressing really well in the language and gaining confidence in teaching. Okay mommy, here are the answers to all your questions!

Are you feeling better? Is your red blanket keeping you warm at night?

I am feeling a lot better! I just kept taking the meds dad told me to and I am completely over it, and yes my red blanket keeps me more than warm! I love it!

Did you have to talk in church on Sunday? Tell us about your week.

I haven´t had to speak in Sacrament yet! I have made it through 3 weeks and this week is fast Sunday! My week was good. Just staying busy and keeping in the normal routine. Oh and thanks for those flash cards mom! I look forward to reading them every day!

How are you doing with learning the Spanish?

I am doing really well in Spanish! I write out my whole lesson in English and take that to the lessons! That way I am forced to speak in Spanish! It is going very well!

Thank you all for the letters! I sent off like 7 letters last Monday so they should be arriving sometime soon! It seriously makes my day hearing from you all! I really appreciate all the prayers. I can feel everyone's love for me when I have rough days. Anyways, if I didn´t answer your questions email me back and I'll let you know!

I love you all SO MUCH!!

Elder Tyler Sanders

We were able to email back and forth again today. Here is some of our conversations.....


Im here! How is everything?

We are doing good! Things are starting to get busy! Brae and case sure love and miss you! You are an amazing example to us all! I'm in awe of how strong you are! Oh and you and Elder W. are seriously the cutest elders I have EVER SEEN!!!!! Did u like the pic of Brae and Gus in ur jeep?

Brae insisted we take a picture of him with TY'S CAT in TY'S JEEP! HeHe!

Yes I did! I showed all my friends! They thought it was hilarious! Haha! Thank you for everything you do for me momma. I love you so much!

You are my boy, TJ, even if you are 6'2"! You will always be my little boy! Let me tell you, you missionaries have a huge support/fan club behind you! These Missionary Momma's are amazing that I've come in contact with. (It's a Facebook group with over 5,000 Missionary Mom's that I belong to) Oh and I made you more cards to last through December (I'm making daily cards with scriptures, pictures, and encouraging quotes for Ty) I'm getting ready to mail a package to you this week. It's going to Panama!

Mom you're the best! I live to talk to you! You are my best friend. Today I felt the spirit so strongly in the Visitor's Center at the Temple, that I cried. We watched the video on Families. I realized how close we are and how much joy our family has. I cannot wait to bring that joy to other families!! Yay! More flash cards!! (:

Elder Sanders in front of the Mexico City Temple.

I love you sooooooo much! I brag about you all the time and get to share the gospel with others all the time because of you. I was at work the last two days and so many people asked about you! I was one proud momma! Don't ever forget that we are an eternal family. These two years are just a second of time when you look at the eternities that we will be together!

Elder W. (Ty's Companion) has been so awesome to me. And sweet!

What a huge blessing that you have a companion who you love. Heavenly Father knew you would need someone to help you adjust and I know you have done the same for him. Is it weird having someone with you 24/7?

Elder Sanders and Elder W. in the Visitor's Center at the Mexico City Temple

Elder Sanders and Elder W. in front of the Mexico City Temple

It is difficult but he is really chill. We get along great and haven't fought at all!

Case just came to me yesterday and said, "Mom, I know what we could do! We could read the whole Book of Mormon while Ty is on his mission!" He was SO excited. How can I say no to that?

I have almost completed the Book of Mormon since being here! It's amazing!

Wow Ty, that is awesome. The Book of Mormon is definitely addicting once you start reading it. It is a history of the people you will be teaching in Panama. Oh Tyler J, I love you sooooo much! You are my sunshine and you and your brothers make being a momma the best job in the world!

Well I gotta go mommy! Thank you for all the support you give me. I couldn't do this if it wasn't for you. I love you more than you can imagine and be watching the mail! There are three letters on their way to the house! Keep me updated on life!

I love you so much, and tell Brae and Case I love them!

Elder Tyler Sanders


Are you getting used to speaking Spanish on a regular basis or only when teaching? Do you practice with your companions? What are you gonna do the rest of your prep day?

I speak Spanish often. I do when I teach the whole lesson. I practice with my friends a lot and we are really progressing! We plan on heading back to the casa around 2:00 and sleeping for a bit! Haha, been a busy couple of days.

Nap time is awesome!!! Favorite time of the day after church on Sunday. Only three weeks until you head off to Panama. Are you super excited?

I'm getting way excited! My time in the CCM is flying by! I can't believe I'm halfway done.

Did you eat all the little treats that were packed?

Yup! I still have some Crystal Lite that I'm saving for when we have our Bro's Night in the living room Friday night!

Tell me about Bro's Night.

We sit out in the living room and eat all the food we got in our packages that week! Thanks for all you have done for me dad! I really appreciate it.

No, thanks for serving!!! We are truly being blessed by your service. I tell everyone about your service and they can't believe it. I'm always soo proud of your choices.

You're welcome dad! I gotta go dad. Thank you for loving and supporting me. You are the best. Cant wait to talk to you next week!

Elder Tyler Sanders
I love you!


Ty are you there? Has it been two years yet?

Yes i am (: I only have 1 year, 23 months and 1 week left (: Haha!

That is all? Okay we can do this. FYI Graham (Ty's three-year old cousin. He says Big Ty is on his mission over the mountains by their house) said to tell you that he went to the mountains with us and he didn't see you. He tells us that you are just over the mountains and when we went up the canyon the other day he said he was looking for you. I love you SOOOOO much and LIVE for your emails Ty! We went to Seagull Book yesterday and the kids wanted to buy everything in there for you. They adore you and thank you for the example you are to them. Love you!

Tell Grammy I said hi!! He cracks me up! I love you all SO much!


Hello darling grandson. PaPa and I love you and pray for you everyday. It is amazing to us to hear how you are growing in the gospel. We are so glad you gain strength from you Patriarchial blessing. Luci says hi! (my parent's dog)

Hi Meme! Thank you and Papa for your letters! They make my day! I love this church so much!! Hi Luci Lu!

This is PaPa, So glad you are feeling better. I think about you and brag about you everyday and all day. We live for any news from or about you. Can hardly wait for you to be in Panama so you can be a working missionary. Love you more than you will ever know.

I just sent a whole bunch of pictures to my mom! I hope she shares them with you! I love you all so much!

We can't wait to see them. You are welcome for the letters. We'll go out to the your house this afternoon and see them. Love you as big as the world and then some. Keep up the wonderful job you are doing. MeMe

I will! I just wrote you guys two letters and sent them off last Monday! So they should be getting there pretty soon!

I will be watching the mail!!!!! Thank you for sharing your experiences! It keeps us going! Are you getting enough rest with all you are doing?

I wake up tired but praying and eating a lot get me through the day!

It is important to nourish your body with healthy food! Just say, "Thank You, MeMe". How much time do you have to e-mail. I don't want to take your Mom's time. She adores you Tyler and loves you so much. I think she will have a great year at school. You certainly have a beautiful family that cares deeply about you. GGPa said when we message you to tell you he is thinking of you.

My hour just ended so I have to get off! I love you and Papa so much! Tell GGPa I'm thinking of him and I love him!

An Elder Selfie...

On the bus to the Mexico City Temple

A view of the city outside the bus window.

Elder Sanders with his package from Kayla and the Smith family.

I'm not really sure what is going on in this picture...goofy Elders!

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