Panama, Panama City Mission

Panama, Panama City Mission
Panama, Panama City Mission

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

He got his itinerary...Off to Panama on Monday morning!!!!

Elder Sanders got his itinerary this week and is prepping to go off to Panama on Monday. His email was short this week and he only sent one picture. (We are going to have to have a talk) I borrowed a couple of pictures from Elder M.'s mom since she got a couple of cute ones of Ty. Here is his email....

Hey family,

This week was good, just really boring. We did get our itineraries yesterday! Ready for this. My flight leaves Monday morning at 6:20 and I land in San Salvador at 7:30. Then my flight from San Salvador leaves at 8:50 and I arrive in Panama at 11:50! I was excited to get it but pretty nervous too. Also I have to give the opening prayer on Sunday during the devotional in front of everyone in the CCM. Fantastic! LoL! The Spanish is coming along decent. This week I studied the doctrine rather than the language a lot. I hope you guys got the pictures I sent of Elder Durrant and I. Well I feel really bad there isn't a lot to talk about. I have just been doing the same old things.

I love you all,

Elder Tyler Sanders

Donuts from the best Nana in the world!

Elder M. and Ty and the cool, bright yellow, CCM bus!

This is a game??? Can you find Elder Sanders????? A little creepy, huh?


Ty said he was riding the Nacho Libre bike!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Little Spoiled???? - Week 4

Here is Elder Sanders' Weekly Email....

Hi family!! Thank you all so much for the emails! I love coming in here and seeing my email filled! This week was good! I have developed such a strong testimony of prayer. Through my studies I have been able to feel the spirit so much more in my life. Thank you all for the pictures also! It makes me happy seeing there is life outside the CCM. LOL!. Well I hate to bum you all out but nothing new has really happened! I got 15 letters and 3 packages on Monday! Haha. Am I loved? The weird thing is, is that I had dear elder letters that were sent on like July 22nd that I received on August 4th. You guys, as the time gets closer to me leaving for Panama, I am getting so excited. My Spanish, although it isn´t great, is progressing really well. I feel like I could get into someone's house to teach them a lesson. Okay momma, I'll send you the answers to your questions.

Did you receive any packages this week?

1. I received 3 packages on Monday! From Brian Peterson, Meme and Papa, and Kayla. Elder Wrigley also got his package! We have had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the past couple days. LOL!

Have you received any vaccinations for Malaria in the CCM?

2. I haven't got any Malaria treatment, no.

Have you received any word on your travel plans to Panama?

3. No words on the travel plans to Panama, I should get my itinerary next Monday-Wednesday.

How is the Spanish coming along?

4. Spanish is coming along GREAT!

My most spiritual experience this week.... I was having a hard time recognizing what the Holy Ghost felt like in my life. I had a sincere, long prayer where I asked my Father in Heaven to please show me what the holy ghost feels like for me. I didn't feel anything. I got a little frustrated, but then remembered a scripture in Ether. It says Faith is not Faith until it has been tested. Something like that. The next morning during my lesson, words just flowed out of my mouth in Spanish. I felt the spirit so strongly. I know Heavenly Father answers prayers.

Love you all,

Elder Tyler Sanders

Handsome Elder Sanders

Elder Durrant and Elder Sanders (Elder Durrant's mom and my sister are good friends)

Three packages in one day???? You think Elder Sanders is a little loved?

Elder Sanders with his special treats from Kayla!

Elder Sanders with the Spanish-speaking Elders. He is able to practice his Spanish with them.